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Incredible waterfalls in the middle of Atlantic Forest complete the landscape of natural beauties of Itacaré. Some are located near Rio de Contas, such as Cleandro, Pancada Grande, and Noré. Others are in the farms accessed by trails, such as waterfalls of Usina de Jeribucaçu, Usina de Taboquinhas, and Bom Sossego; all of them are excellent for bathing with stunning views.


Itacaré is located in an APA (Environmental Protection Area), recognized as an important Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, with more than 450 native species per hectare. Discovering this huge diversity is an extraordinary experience, visiting the reserves around the city that offer activities as the meaning of the fauna and flora, consumption of mineral water directly from springs, baths in rivers and waterfalls, kayaking, camping, bird watching, among others.


Explore the diversity of richness that Rio de Contas offers in the unforgeable attractions, starting by the river mouth in the coast of Itacaré up to the district of Taboquinhas. Splendid vegetation, rich mangroves, a huge diversity of birds and watercourses that lead to beautiful waterfalls are part of this spectacular view. In its edges, it is possible to taste local treats in pleasant typical restaurants, visit cocoa farms and even stay in charming high standard accommodations.


Jubarte is one of the twelve species of great whales in the world and remains on the coastline of Itacaré from July to November when they seek the warm waters of the region for breeding. The pleasant tour is guided by a biologist making a descriptive and behavioral presentation of the species in one of the Brazilian coastlines, where the whales come closest to the continental shelf.