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Originally inhabited by indigenous villages, Itacaré was discovered by the Portuguese citizens in 1530 and officially founded after the arrival of Jesuits from the building of São Miguel Arcanjo Church in 1723, giving the same to the settlement: São Miguel da Barra do Rio de Contas. Only in 1931, it was renamed to Itacaré (River of a Different Noise). It was also a shipping port at the peak of cocoa, remaining until today the mansions and two-story houses of that time. This rich history can be explored with a guided tour starting in the coast visiting icons of the culturalhistorical heritage, such as São Miguel Arcanjo Church, Casa dos Jesuítas, mansions, Praça São Miguel, Praça do Canhão and Centro Cultural Porto de Trás


The settlement of Porto de Trás has its roots the African relations, where “quilombola” families used to live from traditional non-industrial fishing. The community still preserves its cultural heritage with traditional expressions of the bicho caçador, samba de roda among others traditions. Visiting the Centro Cultural Porto de Trás and walking along the neighborhood is a great opportunity to know and bring closer to the local culture, besides enjoying the stunning view of Rio de Contas.


The gastronomy of Itacaré is highlighted due to the rich fishing production and products from local family farming such as cassava, cocoa, palm, pepper, coconut, and banana. There are more than 150 typical and contemporary gastronomic restaurants, pleasing all tastes. Since 2014, the renowned Flavors Gastronomy Festival of Itacaré has annually held, promoting the best of the local gastronomy and its identity.


Built and founded by Jesuits in 1723, with almost three centuries, there is a rich collection of sacred images of the 18th Century. Listed by Institute of Environmental and Cultural Heritage in Bahia (IPAC), it preserves its primitive altars in a neoclassical style, which were reformed in 2016 with the beautiful rescue of the original artwork. The main historical heritage of Itacaré has a privileged view of the charming coast and Praia da Coroa.


Many traditions and celebrations are preserved in Itacaré. Over the year, the religious parties are celebrated, such as São Miguel Arcanjo and Bom Jesus, many cultural expressions such as Capoeira, Samba-de-Roda, the authentic Bicho Caçador and Volta da Jibóia, besides popular marches and parades, such as Iemanjá, Terno de Reis, Independência da Bahia.


A fun and pleasant night is guaranteed to start by tasting the best of gastronomy in the most varied restaurants, shopping in many stores and walking along charming streets of Pituba, Passarela da Vila and Orla, popular meeting places for tourists and locals. Many options of live music bars at the rhythms of forró, reggae, samba, jazz, and DJs liven up and inspire the night in the city.