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Mayor:  Antônio Mário Damasceno

Deputy Mayor: Genilson Souza

Municipal Secretary of Tourism: Júlio César Gonçalves de Oliveira

District Director:  Jarbas Barbosa Barros Júnior

Marketing Director: Elton Andrade

Tourism Promotion Director: Patrícia Veras Soares

Tourism Services Manager:  Luécio Conceição de Jesus

Tourism Municipal Office of Itacaré


Facebook: @seturitacare

Address: Rua Lodônio Almeida,160 ,1º andar, Passarela da Vila, Centro, 

CEP: 45530-000



(Municipal Law no. 247; Section IX; Art. 182):

I – Promote the sustainable development of the Municipality's tourism through its varied tourist aspects;
II – Advise the Head of Executive Authority in the preparation and implantation of public policies pertinent to its area of the authority;
III – Plan, coordinate, execute and supervise the Municipal Tourism Policy of Itacaré;
IV – Promote the Strategic Tourism Planning and Research aiming to stimulate entrepreneurship in the tourism sector;
V – Propose the execution of agreements and covenants with the federal, state and municipal governments and private sector entities, national and international organizations in order to achieve the objectives, prioritizing activities for the generation of employment and income and valuing the historical and cultural heritage of the city;
VI – Prepare the proposals of the Pluriannual Plan and the Budgetary Guidelines Law;
VI – Ensure its sphere of powers for the full compliance with the current legislation on tax management;
VIII – Provide, whenever requested, information to the Comptroller's Office of the Municipality, ensuring compliance with the rules issued;
IX – Organize and manage the computer services of the Office in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Department of Information Technology;
X – Prepare the Annual Work Plan and evaluate the results, issuing the relevant reports;
XI – Promote the exchange of information between the organization and the entities of the Municipal Administration and State and Federal Governments;
XII – Promote the necessary actions to the development of Production Associated to the Tourism;
XIII – Promote the necessary actions for developing studies, diagnoses, and research of interest of the tourism services of the municipality;
XIV – Take studies, programs, and projects aimed at ethnic tourism, facilitating the attraction of investors and stimulating the flow of tourists of this segment;

XV – Coordinate and monitor projects, studies and research of qualification and business and professional qualification of the tourism segments, subsidizing the qualification programs and professional and business qualification;
XVI – Develop education actions for tourism together with local communities;
XVII – Cooperate with state and federal government agencies and the private sector, aiming at the integrated development of the tourism activities of the Municipality, including participating in research and technological experiments;
XVIII – Execute, guide and cooperate with the development of policies to promote tourism activities;
XIX – Prepare plans and projects that aim to collect material, financial and human resources for the tourism sector;
XX – Develop marketing strategies for tourism and create partnerships in order to enhance the beauties of the Municipality in the regional context;
XXI – Define the annual local tourism calendar; XXII – Promote and disseminate the Municipal Tourist Calendar in many local and national media;
XXIII – Promote the attraction of internal or external resources intended to the training, professional qualification and certification of human resources;
XXIV – Represent the Public Authority in the Municipal Board of Tourism, Management Board of APA Itacaré / Serra Grande, PRODETUR and other organization of the regional, state and national tourism sector;
XXV – Develop other similar activities.